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Healthy New You

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7 Day Simple Health Reset

    Just imagine for a moment …..


    Slipping on your favorite jeans, feeling confident, looking young and fresh again.


    Thinking back to the old, overweight, outdated version of how you use to be.



    Now, seeing yourself in the mirror, feeling proud of the work you’ve done getting healthy.


    You have a smile on your face knowing that you’re looking more attractive to your partner and being a good role model for those that depend on you, like your kids, grandkids, or aging parents. 


    Maybe you’re even ready to find a new partner or finally take that sunny vacation and walk along the beach, pain free, proud, and holding your loved one’s hand. 



    I know for me, it started with the inner knowing there was something better for me.


    The way I was currently living didn’t feel good or give me joy. I didn’t like the person staring at me in the mirror. I was ashamed with myself.


    I could do better.


    Be better.


    Live better.

    Why I created the 7 Day Simple Health Reset


    I know first-hand what it feels like to be out of shape, tired, worn out, in pain, and unmotivated to face the day. I felt trapped, powerless and weak trying to figure out how to get out of the mess I put myself into.


    Most of my thoughts were all about what people thought of me and how I looked.


    I was embarrassed with myself.


    I knew if I continued this path, I might even be alone. Who would want to be with me anyway? I felt sloppy, grumpy, and old. 


    So, to get out of this mess, I thought I would start with diet. I tried them all.


    Unfortunately, none worked because I felt deprived of the foods I loved and ended up binging on them – then later feeling guilty.


    This way of ‘dieting’ made me feel even MORE obsessed with the scale.


    To have any kind of success I ended up having to starve myself to ‘lose weight’. But then I gained it all back again – and then some. Yuck!


    Gee, can’t I have the body and health I wanted eating the foods I loved?


    Can’t I live in a way where I didn’t have to spend hours in the gym just to ‘burn off extra calories’ and instead, do exercises that I liked and didn’t take up so much time? 


    Does it have to be THIS difficult and grueling to get and stay at our ideal weight? 


    These were the questions I started asking myself.

    I mean, don’t we want to ENJOY our life,

    FEEL good and HAVE fun?


    After spending a good part of my life trying to figure this out, I finally found my answers.


    A diet and lifestyle plan that’s incredibly enjoyable and ready to share with you.


    As you’ve probably guessed, I created it initially for myself because NOTHING GOOD was out there.


    Sure, there were bits and pieces of ideas floating around, promising best diet, exercise and healthy lifestyle strategies, but NO plan that was fun or at all complete to help me get and stay at my ideal weight + health.  


    Believe me developing this plan was no quick and easy task either.


    It TOOK ME A COUPLE DECADES to figure this stuff out and piece it together. I literally spent many hours a day, researching, thinking, assimilating, and clearing out all the chaos and clutter. The framework I followed that made sense to me was the wisdom of our ancestors while coupling it with modern day science. 


    The plan I put together works too. I’ve already used it on myself and thousands of clients over the last 20 years and THEY are telling me to get this stuff out there!




    Because they were struggling just like you are now, and for the first time, have their health and lives back to where they want it. 


    Which brings me back to why I created the

    7 Day Simple Health Reset.


    To help people just like you get your health and body back quickly and for the long term.


    This plan encompasses a whole-body approach to health (heck, just the section on the importance of daily sunlight can maximize the quality of your life which is one of the ways this course differentiates itself from all the other cookie cutter 7 Day so called, health resets).


    I say that with a cocky voice because I see what’s out there for 7 Day Health Resets and they are NOT AT ALL complete and just a waste of your precious time!


    They are falling short of KEY points that make ALL the difference to enjoying a pain free, youthful appearance, all-day energy, happy mood and ideal weight!




    Because they are not addressing what really moves the dial – REDUCING INFLAMMATION AND BALANCING HORMONES.


    And not with a synthetic pill either. Instead a simple, more natural approach to eat, move and live that quells inflammation and balances your hormones so you look and feel well and balanced too! 


    There are no missing pieces. ‘No stones left unturned’ as my client Brandi likes to put it.


    I owe Michale my life! I want everyone else to feel this amazing!'


    — Brandi


    The other reason this plan works is

    how well it’s STRUCTURED.


    This 7 Day Simple Health Reset is structured in a way that’s delivered to you in a step by step, easy to digest format. Starting with the most important step that sets the stage for the next one, and so on for 7 Days. 


    Are you ready to jumpstart your way to a healthier, more robust body in just 7 Days? 

    7 Days to a

    Healthy New You

    How it works and what you get


    After registering for the 7 Day Simple Health Reset, you will get instant access to 7 Videos (each one lasting about 15 minutes). The videos are designed to be watched in succession, Day 1 through to Day 7, once a day for 7 days. Be sure to download the worksheets attached to each video for hands on learning too.


    After watching one short video, once a day for 7 Days, you’ll look back and wonder why no one else has put this together because it makes such perfect sense!


    One last thing, you don’t have to do this alone!


    We want to see you succeed. Which is why I have a facebook group page and direct support line. Our ever-growing Facebook community is comprised of fit and healthy folks, all of whom serve as great people to collaborate with, glean wisdom from, and mutually support on your path of implementing the strategies and teachings of these trainings.


    Consider this a simple, strategic, approach to support your whole body – delivered right in your inbox!



    'I love how easy it was to lose weight

    and stay that way!'

    — Olivia







    The 7 Day Simple Health Reset is a simple, no nonsense approach on how to eat, move, and live to get your ideal weight, feel healthy, strong and confident with all day energy.


    What you will learn


    • The 7 most critical areas to pay attention to (and maybe even master) for a natural and authentically attractive look that’s appealing to you and others.
    • A whole-body health approach to get to your ideal weight with better daily energy, a reduction (or even elimination) of body pain, to look and feel like yourself and enjoy life again.
    • 3 top tips (within these 7 areas) that are simple to do without using pills, supplements, or expensive equipment.
    • How to work with your body instead of fighting against it for quick and easy results.
    • No calorie counting, weighing or measuring or wasting your time with senseless things.
    • No dieting, depriving, starving, grueling exercises. Just real food eaten at the right time, smart exercise and living a healthy life with real enjoyable results.
    • An easy to implement way to stay healthy while travelling or on vacation too.


    • Just watch one short video, once per day for seven days. Each step builds on the next to create excitement and momentum and guide you through your health journey. Use as your health reset to get to your next phase of life. The life you’ve been dreaming of is yours to grab now.
    • No prior knowledge in nutrition necessary! If you have an interest, all the better.
    • 30-day full refund - my own personal guarantee!


    Who this is for

    • If you’re stuck and can’t break through your excessive body weight and have tried different diets in the past that were unsustainable, unrealistic and just plain boring - this course is A MUST FOR YOU!
    • If you don't have problems with excessive body weight but would like to stay at your Ideal Body Weight for life by building a solid foundation getting healthy, strong, and confident while keeping it simple and enjoyable - this course is for you!
    • If you wake up tired, worn out, moody, in pain and know this is NOT REALLY YOU! Then THIS course is definitely for you!
    • If everyone around you seems to be falling prey of sickness, disease, and illness, and you want to take control of your health, then THIS course if also for you!
    • If you are concerned with the possibility of certain unexpected health set backs that could keep you from the exercise you love, then THIS course is going to really give you the tools to avoid these.
    • You’re already healthy and at your ideal weight, however, want new insights about health that aren’t out there using ancestral health and science as the framework.
    • If you want to set an example for your kids, grandkids, partner or other, then the way to do this is by doing the work first. Believe me – THEY WILL NOTICE!
    • Perfect for any age, any gender.

    Want even more insight into the

    7 Day Simple Health Reset?


    This course is for someone with a strong desire to be healthy but keeps falling off track.


    Who wants to optimize whole-body health, including body, mind and spirit.


    Struggling with the best intentions to make the right healthy choices THIS TIME, but by mid day, fails AGAIN!


    Who needs accountability and motivation to make your healthy changes stick.


    Who’s ready for a fresh NEW start that’s simple and fun to do!


    This 7 Day Simple Health Reset is the accumulation of 20 years of being in the trenches helping thousands of people all get their health back!


    'My digestion, energy, mood, and mental focus is SO much better" 'After just 1 week!'

    — Tony

    What Does It Mean To Be Healthy?


    Being healthy really does mean jumping out of bed, excited about your day, with the energy to tackle anything that comes your way and have fun doing it! It also means looking in the mirror happy with the little steps you’ve made to better your appearance, get to your ideal shape, feel confident in your clothes and heck, feel sexy again!

    What makes the 7 Day Simple Health Reset so popular is how simple and easy it really is!


    The 7 short video clips will transform your life in only 7 days! I can say such a BOLD statement because it covers ALL YOUR BASES! All in an easy to understand and digestible format.


    3 Reasons Why You’re Falling off the Healthy Track (and how to get back on)


    Reason #1 – You have no confidence

    Reason #2 – You have no consistency

    Reason #3 – You have no courage

    This course covers and solves these 3 areas


    Solutions to #1 – It gives you the confidence with a proven plan to improve your appearance, reach your ideal weight, feel good IN your body and get your life back on track.


    Solution to #2 – It keeps you consistent with a no nonsense, simple, short and stick to the point video delivered right into your inbox. Watch once a day for just seven days.


    Solution to #3 – It helps you get back the courage again knowing what you’re doing is making you look and feel more attractive, quickly improving your body shape, setting a good example for others, and enjoying life long health for years to come.

    What this course IS...

    • An accumulation of 20 years experience as a Nutritional Consultant, Detox Specialist, Chartered Herbalist, Fitness enthusiast, and Health Coach working with legends such as Bob Proctor, and being in the trenches seeing literally thousands of people get fast and long lasting results, learning what works and what doesn’t work.
    • A simple yet super effective set of steps that will get you looking and feeling great for a lifetime.
    • A ‘no hold’s back’ raw and real approach, laying simple truths about WHY we feel so artificial and how to get back to what the human body is supposed to eat, move, and live. A way that is not BS marketing but true health to look and feel naturally attractive, alive and well again.

    What this course IS NOT...

    • This course is not about dieting. The 3 top tips for each of the 7 areas ARE NOT A DIET, NOT A REGIMENTED EXERCISE ROUTINE WITH USELESS PILLS OR SUPPLEMENTS.
    • This course does not give an “Eat in moderation" type of advice! You all are too smart for that BS!
    • This course is not about any dogmatic nutrition trend that is hot now but will be rejected or even forgotten in the future!
    • Just sound nutrition, movement, and healthy living advice that has worked for thousands of others. And it will work for you too. I guarantee it!

    As Seen In ...

    Get Fit N' Healthy

    7 Day Simple Health Reset

    Receive the 3 top tips in your inbox each day, with video and transcript.

    • Day 1 ~ Mindset

      The body follows the mind. Miss this part and nothing will work for the long term.

    • Day 2 ~ Diet

      Everyone talks about ‘getting your macro’s right’ (carbs, protein, fats), however, what about the ‘micro’s’? You will discover how easy it is to get the right ‘micronutrients’ to make the biggest difference in your appearance, daily energy and happy mood.

    • Day 3 ~ Detox

      Let’s face the facts. Toxins drive inflammation in the body. Get the toxins out, put inflammation at bay. Results? No aches and pains, better brain, youthful appearance, and one of the most important things you can do to prevent illness, disease, and gosh forbid - sheer depression!

    • Day 4 ~ Daily Routine

      Get the simple things you can do to balance your hormones to set the stage to reach your ideal weight, end moodiness and get your best sleep.


    • Day 5 ~ Digestion

      You are only as good as what you can digest. Feel clean and lean again with smooth digestion.

    • Day 6 ~ Sleep

      Deep restful sleep is one of the most important things to achieve a fresh look and feel, all-day energy, fat loss (especially around the belly), better recovery from exercise, and longevity. Learn 3 top tips that work!

    • Day 7 ~ Exercise

      Get the #1 tip to tone your muscles, shape your body and feel strong and confident again.

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