Leptin Resistance Quiz

Do you feel even the mere thought of food

makes you gain weight.

Maybe you’ve seen some success on the scale.

However, to your dismay, it quickly came back again.

You are not alone.

Many others are suffering just like you.

You may be suffering from Leptin Resistance.

How many of these statements apply to you?

  • Are you overweight by more than 20 pounds with a

    good portion of that fat around your belly?

  • Are you underweight by more than 15 lbs?

  • Do you have an eating disorder?

  • When you go on a weight loss diet, do you have trouble losing fat? That is, do you lose pounds an still remain flabby?

  • Do you have trouble keeping weight off after dieting?

  • Are you constantly hungry?

  • Do you crave sweets?

  • Do you wake up hungry at night?

  • Do you have a ‘spare tire’ or an apple shape?

  • Are you losing muscle mass despite the fact that you are exercising?

  • Do you feel ‘stressed out’?

  • Have you been diagnosed with high triglyceride levels?

  • Do you have high blood pressure?

  • Have you been diagnosed with osteoporosis?

  • Do you have hypothyroidism?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you are likely suffering from some level of leptin resistance.

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